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Navroz 2003: A Time for Deep Reflection

Navroz is a time for rejuvenation as relected in the Idd-e-Navroz card developed by Al-Waez Amiraly Amlani. On this day, let us reflect on the Silver Jubliee Message of His Highness the Aga Khan:

"On the occasion of my Silver Jubilee, I would be deeping happy if the members of my Jamat, wherever they are and whatever their age, would reaffirm a visible and united manner their commitment to the principles of Islam which bind all Muslims together, and which are an unique example to all mankind: Belief in Allah, the fulfilment of His Message to man, respect and support for His greatest creation, man himself. In this way let us establish even sounder foundations for good and proper life and let us extend our support to those living in the developing areas of the world.

It is my hope that in the coming year members of my Jamat will substantially contribute to replacing walls with bridges and to a more peaceful and better life for mankind."

Navroz Mubarak! May the Almighty Lord guide world leaders and the humanity to develop lasting peace on Earth. Ameen.

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Article by Dr. Noorallah Juma
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