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"Allah is the Protecting Guardian of those who believe. He bringeth them out of darkness into light." — Holy Qur'an 2:257


List of Divine Names and Derived Prayers

001 Ar-Rahmaan The Beneficent He who gives blessings and prosperity to all beings without showing disparity. Yaa-Rahmaan
002 Ar-Rahim The Merciful He who gives blessings and prosperity, particularly to those who use the Divine gifts as Allah has directed; and He is merciful to believers in the hereafter too. Yaa-Rahim
003 Al-Malik The Eternal Lord He who is the Absolute Ruler of the entire Universe. Yaa-Malik
004 Al-Quddus The Most Sacred He who is free from all error, absentmindedness, is free from incapability and from any kind of blemish. Yaa-Quddus
005 As-Salaam The Embodiment of Peace He who frees His servants from all danger and obstruction. He who addresses His greeting to His fortunate devotees in Heaven. Yaa-Salaam
006 Al-Mu'min The Infuser of Faith He who puts faith in the hearts of His devotees, protects those who seek refuge in Him, and gives tranquility to them. Yaa-Mu'min
007 Al-Muhaymin The Preserver of Safety He who watches over and protects all beings. Yaa-Muhaymin
008 Al-'Aziz The Mighty One The Unconquerable. Yaa-Aziz
009 Al-Jabbaar The Omnipotent One He who sets right broken things, who completes that which is incomplete, and who has the power, with force, to make people do whatever He wills. Yaa-Jabbaar
010 Al-Mutakabbir The Dominant One He who displays His greatness in all matters and in all ways. Yaa-Mutakabbir
011 Al-Khaaliq The Creator He who creates everything from nothing and creates all things with the knowledge, in advance, of what will happen to them after creation. Yaa-Khaaliq
012 Al-Baari' The Evolver He who creates all things in due proportion, He is the One Who originates the Creation and puts it into a due proportionate shape by gradation with the method of evolution. Yaa-Baari'
013 Al-Musawwir The Flawless Shaper He who designs all things perfectly. Yaa-Musawwir
014 Al-Ghaffaar The Great Forgiver He who is all forgiving, with His discreetness. Yaa-Ghaffaar
015 Al-Qahhaar The All-Prevailing One He who is Victorious and Dominant, such that He can do anything He wills. He only has to say "Be, and it is". Yaa-Qahhaar
016 Al-Wahhaab The Supreme Bestower He who donates all blessings to His creatures. Yaa-Wahhaab
017 Ar-Razzaaq The Total Provider He who provides all things beneficial to His creatures. Yaa-Razzaaq
018 Al-Fattaah The Supreme Solver He who opens the solution to all problems, and eliminates obstacles; and leads to victory in righteous matters if one seeks His Help and assistance. Yaa-Fattaah
019 Al-'Alim The All-Knowing One He who is all-knowing Yaa-'Alim
020 Al-Qaabid The Restricting One He who constricts. Yaa-Qaabid
021 Al-Baasit The Extender He who expands. Yaa-Baasit
022 Al-Khaafid The Reducer He who diminishes or decreases. Yaa-Khaafid
023 Ar-Raafi' The Elevating One He who uplifts His devotees. Yaa-Raafi'
024 Al-Mu'izz The Honourer-Bestower He who makes one glorious, gives dignity, and treats one with respect. Yaa-Mu'izz
025 Al-Muzill The Abaser He who lowers and puts one in abasement and degradation. Yaa-Muzill
026 As-Sami The All-Hearer He who hears everything. Yaa-Sami
027 Al-Basir The All-Noticing He who sees everything. Yaa-Basir
028 Al-Hakam The Impartial Judge He who judges and provides what is due. Yaa-Hakam
029 Al-'Adl The Embodiment of Justice He who imparts justice to all. Yaa-'Adl
030 Al-Latif The Knower of Subtleties He who knows the subtle meanings of everything. Yaa-Latif
031 Al-Khabir The All-Aware One He who has knowledge of the most secret parts of everything, and knows their inner meanings. Yaa-Khabir
032 Al-Halim The Clement One He who is Forbearing and Mild. Yaa-Halim
033 Al-'Azim The Magnificent One He who is Magnificent and above any estimation. Yaa-'Azim
034 Al-Ghafuur The Great Forgiver He who forgives all with His discreetness. Yaa-Ghafuur
035 Ash-Shakuur The Acknowledging One He who by the way of appreciation gives rewards for deeds done for Him. Yaa-Shakuur
036 Al-'Ali The Sublime One He who is the most high. Yaa-'Ali
037 Al-Kabir The Great One He who is the greatest. Yaa-Kabir
038 Al-Hafiz The Guarding One He who possesses all things in detail and for a time preserves them from misfortune and ruin. Yaa-Hafiz
039 Al-Muqit The Sustaining One He who grants maintenance to His creatures. Yaa Muqit
040 Al-Hasib The Reckoning One He who knows fully the account of things people do all along their lives. Yaa-Hasib
041 Aj-Jalil The Majestic One He who has grandeur, domination and holiness. Yaa-Jalil
042 Al-Karim The Bountiful One He who is Generous and Munificent. Yaa-Karim
043 Ar-Raqib The Watchful One He who observes all creatures, and every action is under His control. Yaa-Raqib
044 Al-Mujib The Responding One The One who responds to every need. Yaa-Mujib
045 Al-Waasi' The All-Pervading One He who has limitless capacity and abundance in every way. Yaa Waasi'
046 Al-Hakim The Discreet One He who has wisdom in all orders and actions. Yaa-Hakim
047 Al-Waduud The Loving One He who loves those who do good, and bestows on them his compassion. Yaa-Waduud
048 Al-Majid The Glorious One He who is the Possessor of all glory. Yaa-Majid
049 Al-Baa'ith The Infuser of New Life He who will infuse life in all creatures on the Day of Judgement. Yaa-Baa'ith
050 Ash-Shahid The All Observing Witness He who is present everywhere and observes all things. Yaa-Shahid
051 Al-Haqq The Embodiment of Truth He whose existence has no change, and it is All-Truth. Yaa-Haqq
052 Al-Wakil The Universal Trustee He who provides a solution for every problem in the best manner. Yaa-Wakil
053 Al-Qawi The Strong One He who possesses strength. Yaa-Qawi
054 Al-Matin The Firm One He is the one who possesses power with firm footing. Yaa-Matin
055 Al-Wali The Protecting Associate He who is the Friend of His righteous devotees. Yaa-Wali
056 Al-Hamid The Sole-Laudable One He who is the only one to be praised, and glorified and thanked by all creatures. Yaa-Hamid
057 Al-Muhsi The All-Enumerating One He who knows the number of all things, although they cannot be counted, and knows each of them separately. Yaa-Muhsi
058 Al-Mubdi' The Originator He who has created for the first time all beings to their original state from nothing and without any model. Yaa-Mubdi'
059 Al-Mu'id The Restorer He whose restores all beings, and puts them back at their places. Yaa-Mu'id
060 Al-Muhyi The Maintainer of life He who grants and maintains life. Yaa-Muhyi
061 Al-Mumit The Inflictor of Death He is the One who brings about death as a phenomenon. Yaa-Mumit
062 Al-Hayy The Eternally Living One He is the One who will survive all. Yaa-Hayy
063 Al-Qayyuum The Self-Subsisting One He is the One who lives by Himself, whereas all other creatures exist through His Power Yaa-Qayyuum
064 Al-Waajid The Pointing One He who locates whatever He wants at the time He wills. Yaa-Waajid
065 Al-Maajid The All-Noble One He whose highness is Great, who is Beneficent, and His Munificence is universal Yaa-Maajid
066 Al-Waahid The Only One He who is One in His actions. He has no partner or equal in His attributes. Yaa-Waahid
067 Al-Ahad The Sole One His Oneness is undoubtedly and Universally acknowledged. Yaa-Ahad
068 As-Samad The Supreme Provider He is the one towards whom all heads and faces turn in times of need and helplessness. Yaa-Samad
069 Al-Qaadir The Omnipotent One He who is able to do anything in the way He wills. He only has to say "Be, and it is". Yaa-Qaadir
070 Al-Muqtadir The All Authoritative One He who is All powerful and Supreme. Yaa-Muqtadir
071 Al-Muqaddim The Expediting One He who decides creation or destruction of some beings earlier than others. Yaa-Muqaddim
072 Al-Mu'akhkhir The Procrastinator He who decides creation or destruction of some being later than others. Yaa Mu'akhkhir
073 Al-Awwal The Very First He who has precedence over all things created by Him. Yaa-Awwal
074 Al-Akhir The Infinite Last One He who shall survive all the perishables. Yaa-Akhir
075 Az-Zaahir The Perceptible He who can be perceived through his creations. Yaa-Zaahir
076 Al-Baatin The Imperceptible He who is invisible to the physical eye. Yaa-Baatin
077 Al-Waali The Holder of Supreme Authority He who directs, manages, conducts, governs, measures and plans every action which happens at any moment in the entire universe. Yaa-Waali
078 Al-Muta'ali The Extremely Exalted One He who is higher than any action, manner or condition, and any thought that any being may have. Yaa-Muta'ali
079 Al-Barr The Fountain-Head of Truth He who is tolerant to His creatures and is good to them. Yaa-Barr
080 At-Tawwaab The Ever-Acceptor of Repentance He is ever-ready to accept repentance of His creatures and to forgive them. Yaa-Tawwaab
081 Al-Muntaqim The Retaliator He who punishes the wrongdoers, to the exact extent of their sins. Yaa-Muntaqim
082 Al-'Afuw The Supreme Pardoner He who pardons all who repent sincerely, as if they had no previous sin. Yaa-'Afuw
083 Ar-Ra'uf The Benign One He whose disposition is kind towards His creatures. Yaa-Ra'uf
084 Malik-ul-Mulk The Eternal Possessor of Sovereignty He is the One who ever exercises His Supreme Authority over the entire Universe. Yaa-Malik-ul-Mulk
085 Dhul-Jalaali-
The Possessor of Majesty and Reverence He is capable of bestowing Generosity and Honor upon His creatures. Yaa-Dhul-Jaalali-
086 Al-Muqsit The Just One He is the one who is impartial in His judgements. Yaa-Muqsit
087 Aj-Jaami' The Assembler of Scattered Creations He who collects things, gathers them, anywhere He wants at any time. He brings together the dispersed ones. Yaa-Jaami'
088 Al-Ghani The Self-Sufficient One His existence is ever free from any need or help whatsoever from anyone. Yaa-Ghani
089 Al-Mughni The Bestower of Sufficiency He is the one who enriches His creatures adequately, and frees them from want. Yaa-Mughni
090 Al-Maani' The Preventer He prevents His creatures from evil acts. Yaa-Maani'
091 Ad-Daarr The Distressor He is the One who inflicts miseries upon His creatures by way of test. Yaa-Daarr
092 An-Naafi' The Bestower of Benefits He who creates all things which provide goodness and benefit. Yaa-Naafi'
093 An-Nur The Prime Light He who provides the Divine light to the entire universe; to the faces, minds and hearts of His devotees. Yaa-Nur
094 Al-Haadi The Provider of Guidance He is the one who guides and leads to success and directs His devotee to do things beneficial to himself and others. Yaa-Haadi
095 Al-Badi' The Unique One He who creates wonders in the universe without any design. Yaa-Badi'
096 Al-Baaqi The Ever Surviving One His Existence knows no annihilation. Yaa-Baaqi
097 Al-Waarith The Eternal Inheritor He who has everlasting ownership of all things. Yaa-Waarith
098 Ar-Rashid The Guide to Path of Rectitude He who is the guide, with wisdom, to the right path according to His eternal plan. Yaa-Rashid
099 As-Sabuur The Extensively Enduring One He tolerates the misdeeds of His creatures, however grave and recurring they be. Yaa-Sabuur

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