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Volume 2: Didar Postings for Noor Mowlana Hazir Imam's Pradhramani to Canada

Ya Ali Madad. This is the second volume of 20 didar postings. Let us first reflect on who the Holy Imam is by studying the following ta'wil:

Ta'wil of word 'Ali' (Vision of Ali):

"The holy Prophet said: "To look at the face of Ali is worship." (al-Mustadrak, III, 152-153; Sharh, IX, 381; Kawkab, p. 161). Ali's vision is worship because of the fact that he is the speaking Qur'ân, the supreme Name, the mazhar of the Divine light, the mirror which shows God and he is the legatee of the holy Prophet. This is why the true lovers yearn for the sacred vision of the Ali of the time with heart and soul." [Source: Tawil 621: A Thousand Wisdoms]

There are innumerable benefits of getting a didar of NOOR Mowlana Hazir Imam. The objectives of developing didar postings are:

  1. Create an understanding of the NOOR (Light) of Imamat;
  2. Purify our souls get a maximum benefit of the Holy didar; and
  3. Increase the conviction to practise the faith regularly.

  1. Didar Posting No. 41:  The Spiritual Power of the Holy Imam
  2. Didar Posting No. 42:  God is with the Holy Imams
  3. Didar Posting No. 43:  What is 'Wajhullah' (Face of God)?
  4. Didar Posting No. 44:  Who is 'Wajhullah' (Face of God) in Reality?
  5. Didar Posting No. 45:  Stick to Your Faith Through Your Devotion to the Holy Imams
  6. Didar Posting No. 46:  The Holy Imams are Storehouses of Divine Knowledge
  7. Didar Posting No. 47:  The Holy Imams are Our Spiritual Parents
  8. Didar Posting No. 48:  The Soul's Journey is to the World of Purity
  9. Didar Posting No. 49:  The Holy Imams are The Source of Our Salvation
  10. Didar Posting No. 50:  Become a Person Selected for Performing Selected Zikr
  11. Didar Posting No. 51:  Become Spiritually Alive
  12. Didar Posting No. 52:  Let Your Destiny Be Moulded by the Holy Imam
  13. Didar Posting No. 53:  Practise Bandagi (Luminous Prayer) to become a Satisfied Soul
  14. Didar Posting No. 54:  The Holy Imam Provides Nutrition for Our Souls
  15. Didar Posting No. 55:  The Love of the Holy Imams is a Duty Imposed by God
  16. Didar Posting No. 56:  The Wilayat of Ali
  17. Didar Posting No. 57:  The Holy Imams have the Most Profound Knowledge of the Holy Quran & Hadith
  18. Didar Posting No. 58:  Our Spiritual Elevation Depends Upon the Holy Imams
  19. Didar Posting No. 59:  The Holy Quran and the Ahle-Bait are Inseparable
  20. Didar Posting No. 60:  The Holy Imam is the Best Pleader of our Cause

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Article by Dr. Noorallah Juma
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