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Divine Remembrance: Prayer Cards

Satisfaction of Heart
"The single remedy for every kind of false fear, every kind of perplexity, inferiority complex, worldly greed, embarrassment, torment of bad or disturbing thoughts, sadness, restlessness, disappointment, unwanted anger, indignity, slip of tongue, lack of courage, malice, pride, vanity, ignorance, negligence, laziness, meanness, uneasiness, oblivion, obtuseness, mental confusion and other such ethical and spiritual diseases, is the satisfaction of heart which is attained from the blessings of Divine remembrance as is said in verse (13:28): "Verily in the remembrance of God do the hearts find satisfaction (gradually)." It should be remembered that, from the remembrance of God, the hearts find satisfaction gradually. Since the hearts are in different ranks, therefore, from the beginning to the end, the satisfaction depends on the knowledge and good deeds of each individual." [Source: Spiritual Healing, p. 11]

Prayer Cards
In view of the above teaching and current state of human beings, it is necessary to perform extra prayers in order to create peace within oneself and then extend this inner peace to fellow human beings. The goal of this project is to create a list of prayers which would encourage a large number of people to call on God to extend peace on Earth and for the salvation of countless millions of souls. I have taken an Ismaili Muslim viewpoint in developing these prayer cards and am solely responsible for this project. Participation is voluntary and/or by invitation.

The 40-day Period
The motivation for this 40-day project is the following hadith of the Holy Prophet: "Whoever worships God sincerely for 40 days, God opens his heart, expands his chest and loosens his tongue to speak with wisdom even though he may be very weak in speaking and understanding." (Ahadith-i Mathnawi, p. 196). The current project will end on Friday, May, 14, 2004.

Special Mailing List
If you would like a close friend, associate or a family member to be a part of this project, please educate them first and then forward the prayer card to them. If you like to have them listed on my special e-mail list, please send to me their first name, last name, e-mail address, city and country. The intent of this project is to extend the cycle of well-wishing through Divine Remembrance. My e-mail address is

  1. Prayer Card No. 01:  Allâhumâ salli alâ Muhammadin wa âle Muhammad and Pir-Shâh
  2. Prayer Card No. 02:  Yâ Ali Madad and Pir-Shâh
  3. Prayer Card No. 03:  Yâ Hayyul, Yâ Qayyum, and Pir-Shâh
  4. Prayer Card No. 04:  Yâ Allâh, Yâ Wahâb, Yâ Ali, Allâhu Samad and Pir-Shâh
  5. Prayer Card No. 05:  'Innaa lillaahi wa- 'innaaa 'ilayhi raaji-'uunn and Pir-Shâh
  6. Prayer Card No. 06:  Yâ Sabuur and Pir-Shâh
  7. Prayer Card No. 07:  Astaghafirullahi Rabbi Wa Atubu Ilayhi and Pir-Shâh
  8. Prayer Card No. 08:  Yâ Ghafuur, Yâ Ghaffâr, Yâ Tawwâb, Yâ Afuw and Pir-Shâh
  9. Prayer Card No. 09:  Allâhu Akbar, Subhan Allâh, Al-hamdu Lillâh and Pir-Shâh
  10. Prayer Card No. 10:  Allâhu Akbar, Subhan Allâh, Al-hamdu Lillâh, Lâ ilâhâ illa-llâh and Pir-Shâh
  11. Prayer Card No. 11:  Shukran Lillâh Wal Hamdu Lillâh and Pir-Shâh
  12. Prayer Card No. 12:  Yâ Rabbil Âlameen and Pir-Shâh
  13. Prayer Card No. 13:  Yâ Rahemân, Yâ Rahim and Pir-Shâh
  14. Prayer Card No. 14:  Yâ Mâlik, Yâ Quddus, Yâ Salâm, Yâ Mu'min and Pir-Shâh
  15. Prayer Card No. 15:  Yâ Muhaymin, Yâ Aziz, Yâ Jabbâr, Yâ Mutakabbir and Pir-Shâh
  16. Prayer Card No. 16:  Ihdinas-Siratal Mustaqeem and Pir-Shâh
  17. Prayer Card No. 17:  Yâ Wali, Yâ Karim, and Pir-Shâh
  18. Prayer Card No. 18:  Yâ Awwal, Yâ Akhir, Yâ Zâhir, Yâ Bâtin and Pir-Shâh
  19. Prayer Card No. 19:  Wa Kulla Shaii'in Ahsanahu Fee Imamim Mubeen and Pir-Shâh
  20. Prayer Card No. 20:  Yâ Salâm and Pir-Shâh
  21. Prayer Card No. 21:  Yâ Dhul-Jalâli-wal-Ikrâm and Pir-Shâh
  22. Prayer Card No. 22:  Yâ Ali Bi-Lutfiaka Adrikni and Pir-Shâh
  23. Prayer Card No. 23:  Yâ Fattâh and Pir-Shâh
  24. Prayer Card No. 24:  Lâ fatâ illâ Aliyyun wa lâ sayfâ illâ Dhu'l-faqâr and Pir-Shâh
  25. Prayer Card No. 25:  Yâ Razzâq, Yâ Mughni, and Pir-Shâh
  26. Prayer Card No. 26:  Yâ Ali, Yâ Muhammad, Yâ Muhammad, Yâ Ali and Pir-Shâh
  27. Prayer Card No. 27:  Yâ Imâmaz-Zamân, Ya Mowlânâ, Anta Quwwati and Pir-Shâh
  28. Prayer Card No. 28:  Lâ hawlâ wa lâ quwwat illâ bi'llahi'l-aliyyi'l-azim and Pir-Shâh
  29. Prayer Card No. 29:  Yâ Ali, Yâ Qadir, and Pir-Shâh
  30. Prayer Card No. 30:  Yâ Nur, Yâ Hâdi, and Pir-Shâh
  31. Prayer Card No. 31:  Yâ Khâliq, Yâ Bâri, Yâ Musawwir and Pir-Shâh
  32. Prayer Card No. 32:  Allâh Hû and Pir-Shâh
  33. Prayer Card No. 33:  Haqq, Haqq, Hû, Haqq and Pir-Shâh
  34. Prayer Card No. 34:  Yâ Tawwâb and Pir-Shâh
  35. Prayer Card No. 35:  Surah Falaq (The Daybreak) & Surah Naas (Mankind) and Pir-Shâh
  36. Prayer Card No. 36:  Lâ ilâha illâ anta subhânaka inni kuntu mina'z-zâlimin and Pir-Shâh
  37. Prayer Card No. 37:  Hasbuna'llâhu Wa Nima'l-Wakil and Pir-Shâh
  38. Prayer Card No. 38:  Tabâraka'smu Rabbika Dhi'l-Jalâli Wa'l-Ikram and Pir-Shâh
  39. Prayer Card No. 39:  Yâ Ali, Yâ Allâh, Yâ Muhammad, Yâ Muhammad, Yâ Ali and Pir-Shâh
  40. Prayer Card No. 40:  Comprehensive Du'a and Pir-Shâh

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Article by Dr. Noorallah Juma
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